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Be the Best – Win the Job You Want the Most

Getting a new job is like driving in an auto race – you can be a great driver, but unless you have the best car and the best pit crew, there is very little chance that you will win.  And in car races, like job searches, there is only one winner.  Being good does not matter at all – the only thing that matters is being the BEST.  If you are good, you will be the person who “came close” to getting the job, the one who “came close” to winning the race.

You may be the best, but nobody will know it if your resume isn’t the best.  Okay then, why don’t you simply write yourself a killer resume and go off in search of that dream job?

Writing about yourself can be one of the hardest things in the world.  You want to shine a light on your successes, accomplishments, and achievements without appearing arrogant – you begin to question what you have written and lose all objectivity.  It happens to all of us.  That’s why it usually takes an outside perspective to write a strong, concise, and definitive resume.

A resume that is “pretty good” is as useful as a “pretty fast” car in a race – there is only one winner – the person who comes in first gets the job, and the others do not.  Only one car will win the race, the car that is the fastest, that handles the best, that has the least wind resistance … the BEST car.  The BEST resume does a few things:

1. The BEST resume will get you past the ATS bots that scan most resumes before any person ever looks at them.  These bots are looking for specific keywords to appear in a particular order and location in the resume.  Understanding what these bots are and how they function is vital to writing a successful resume. 

2. Once past the bots, your resume has to be appealing to the readers’ eye.  Creating a visually compelling resume can be trickier than it sounds since many attractive formats and designs can make a resume difficult for the bots to read successfully.  A resume that is clear and cleanly laid out is inviting to the human eye.

3. The BEST resume tells a story; it lays out a narrative, highlighting those of your skills, accomplishments, and achievements that make it clear that you are the BEST choice for the job – the TOP candidate.

The job of your resume is to get you “into the room.”  Once you get the chance to interview, you will be able to sell yourself.  Give yourself the professional edge by having a keyword-optimized resume written by the best professional resume writer you can find.

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